A Guide to Using Zoom

Zoom is a free app that allows us to connect over the internet for a live video conversation.  Up to 50 people can talk for free for 40 mins (although it seems that Zoom are currently allowing free extension of conversations beyond the limit).  It's simple to use.

On your device you need to install Zoom.  Click here to download and install the Zoom Client for Meetings.  On a smart phone, you need to search for the Zoom app in the app store and install.  To join a conversation you don't need a (free) account with Zoom, but it allows you to do more if you.

The basic way you can join a conversation is by being sent a link (e.g., in an email) and then you click on it and the conversation will automatically start.

Most people want audio and video of themselves in the conversation.  For that you need a device that has a webcam and microphone - most smart phones allow this.  Using headphones helps stop feedback.

During the conversation, if you need to do something or there is background noise etc, then it is best to mute and turn off your video temporarily.  It can help to leave yourself on mute until you want to speak - this cuts down background noise for everyone else.

Note: it is also possible to join a Zoom conversation over just a normal phone line by calling a Zoom phone number.  Click here for more information.  But may be temporarily disabled because of overdemand.
Jonathan Carter, 27/03/2020