Junior Church Membership 

We value children as part of our church community as much as adults. Ages 16 and over can become church members by joining our Electoral Roll. For children under 16 who've regularly attended on Sunday mornings for at least 6 months, we invite them to become junior church members by their parents filling in the form below.

The information that you give us will be stored on record by Christ Church Office and made available to the Sunday Children and Youth Group leaders. In particular, we will use their date of birth to give them a birthday card. More information about our Safeguarding and data protection policy (GDPR) can be found on our website.

About Your Child:

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The use of photos and videos are highly effective in communicating and promoting the value of our children and youth groups. They are also a great way for members to see themselves engaging as a part of the group and to reminisce on fond moments. We need your permission before we can take photographs / videos that include your child.  These photographs and videos will be securely stored and used for wall displays, news updates and publicity (including on our website/social media pages).

May we take, store and use photographs that include your child?
May we record, store and use videos that include your child?


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