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Beach Olympics Event 

Saturday 2nd July, 2021 - 2-5pm - South Beach
We're hosting an event for all the family!

Join us with your whole family! There's something for everyone to enjoy!
Or come as a family and cheer each other on! 

We'll have lots of fun events, including:

  • tug of war
  • water baloon toss
  • Spongeball Square Sheets Game
  • team relay race
  • penalty shoot-out
As well as some competitions where you can win trophies:
  • sack race
  • high jump
  • hula hooping
  • individual races (25m, 50m, 80m)
We will finish with a trophy ceremony and have sausage and chips afterwards. 

We'd love to see you there, so please book in below...

Booking Form

Lead Name:
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Your team:

If you have a large group (more than 10), perhaps consider registering 2 teams.

Select the number of adults (over 16s):

Select the number of children (under 16s):

Food options:

We will order food ahead of the event, so booking is essential. 
Food will be ordered from The Chippy, who use quality, Steppings butcher's sausages. 

Adult plain sausage & chips 

Adult battered sausage & chips

Adult vegetarian sausage & chips

Children's plain sausage & chips

Children's battered sausage & chips

Children's vegetarian sausage & chips

Any important information:

If you would like to ask any questions or for further information, please email our staff team:

Eddie Timberlake                                    Georgi Warren

Sports & Youth Worker                                              Families Worker                                 
Jonathan Carter, 02/08/2021