Joining Christ Church 

We love welcoming new people into our church family.  Please ask about our next Welcome Evening.

As part of the Church of England we don’t have a formal membership system, but we consider anyone who is baptised and regular at our services to be part of our church family.  There are four things you can do to 'join' Christ Church:

1. Getting Baptised

Jesus taught that the way we mark we're joining his (worldwide) church is by getting baptised in his name.  If you haven’t been baptised and would like to be, then please get in touch with our minister.  He will meet with you to talk through the meaning of baptism and help you decide whether this is the right step for you.  Please see here for more information.

2. Receiving Church Communications

We hold a church database of people who have given us their personal details.  We use that to communicate relevant information to them and to organise our pastoral care.  Giving us your details allows you to get our weekly Friday Flyer email which includes our news sheet.  It also allows you to be added to the next edition of our printed Church Directory which is made available to church regulars.  Click here to give us your details.

3. Joining the Electoral Roll

Joining the Electoral Roll allows you to attend, vote and stand for posts at our Annual Parish Council Meetings (APCM) normally held in April.  If you live outside the parish, joining the Electoral Roll also allows you to get married and to have your children baptised at Christ Church.  To join the Electoral Roll you must complete an application form and satisfy the conditions indicated on the form.  By completing the form, you are declaring yourself to be a member of the Church of England.  Click here to complete a form.

4. Getting Involved

We encourage everyone to be a member of a midweek small group.  This is the main way we organise and offer pastoral care as a church family.  We also encourage everyone to be involved in serving in some way.  So if you’re new with us or looking to get more involved, please get in touch with the church office and we can meet and talk through how you might like to get involved.  Please also see here for more information about many of our groups.

Jonathan Carter, 05/03/2021