We're sorry to hear that you have lost a loved one. We are ready here to help with leading funeral services. If you would like to have a church service before or after a burial or cremation, or you would like one of our staff to take a service at the Crematorium, then please let your funeral director know and they will make the necessary arrangements. The member of staff who is taking the service will then get in contact with you and discuss the plans for the service.

You may also find it helpful to read general information about arranging a funeral with the Church of England.

Please also have a look at our Funeral Card, which is useful as a check list.

Funeral Fees

Fees can be complicated and confusing when you are already under great stress. Please tell the funeral director what arrangement you would like and they will let you know how much it will cost depending on the option you choose. We do not have a churchyard at Christ Church, so here are the Church of England fees that apply:

Funeral service in church, before or after burial/cremation: £199
Service at crematorium/cemetery: £199
Burial in cemetery or cremation before or after church service: £29

If the service is held at Christ Church, then additional fees apply:

Travel allowance to minister: £20
Verger: £40

Organist (optional): from £50
Sound desk & computer operators (optional): £20
Livestream (optional): £20
Heating (if required): £40
Printing of Service Sheets (optional): from £40
Five piece band (optional): £50
Covid cleaning: £20
Hire of Lounge, Main Hall and Kitchen (optional): £70
Hire of Lounge and Kitchen (optional): £40

The Verger is responsible for opening up and preparing the church for the funeral, making sure everything is set up correctly, and also oversees any collections for charities and locks up afterwards. Our sound desk & computer operators will provide amplification for speakers, recording of the service, and project/play any CDs/DVDs/pictures you would like before, during or after the service. Broadcasting a YouTube livestream depends on staff availability. This all has to be arranged in good time beforehand.

If you would like to hire our Halls for serving light refreshments afterwards you may do so, providing there are no other planned events in the Halls that day. Caterers can be recommended.

Fees can only be waived in cases of tragedy (infant cot death, suicide etc.), or real financial hardship. Discretion rests with the vicar.