Christ Church Lowestoft is a charity (no. 1131184) and everything we do is dependent on being supported by donations. If you would like to support us financially, you can give in several different ways:

  • You can put cash or a cheque into the collection bags as they are passed round at the end of a service.
  • You can put cash or a cheque into the Response Box on the welcome desk.
  • You can set up a regular Standing Order from your bank account.
  • You can make a legacy in your will.
  • You can give time, skills and practical help to reduce our costs.

If you want to set up a standing order you will need to complete a Standing Order Form, and, if you are a tax payer, we encourage you to also fill in a Gift Aid Form or use the Combined Form. If you have any questions or need any practical help, then please Contact Us or ask our treasurer.

Gift Aid

If you give money to the church and pay tax, please consider Gift Aid. Your donations will then be increased by 25% since as a charity we can claim the tax you have paid on this income back from the government. To set up Gift Aid, you need to fill in a form and hand it in to the office. Hard copies of forms are available at the back of church. Our treasurer will send you a letter each year to tell you how much we have been able to claim back.

Giving Cash

If you want to give cash, and have filled in a Gift Aid form, please put your gift into a yellow envelope found on the Welcome Desk. You are welcome to take some envelopes to take home if it is easier to complete it at home. Please note: we cannot claim Gift Aid from money in unmarked envelopes, so please make sure you have written your name on it.

Standing Orders

If you give direct from your bank via a standing order, and you have filled out a Gift Aid form, then all this will happen automatically and you won’t have to remember to bring cash if you want to give regularly.


Have you made a will? If not, please consider making one and including a legacy to the church. If you already have one, why not have it amended? There are leaflets available at the back of church to help you.

Time, Skills and Practical Help

Practical help is like giving financially in that the work you do voluntarily around the church and halls means we don’t have to pay someone else outside the church to do it. If you would like to help in this way please Contact Us.

Thank You!

However you give, may the Lord bless you richly – He loves a cheerful giver!