Receiving Church Communications 

This form allows you to add your details to our church database.  Please use this form if you already are a church regular and wish to update your details, or if you are new with us and wish to make Christ Church your regular church home.  We will use the information you give us to communicate relevant information to you about church activities and also to organise our pastoral care and manage volunteers.  In particular, this form allows you to receive our weekly Friday Flyer news sheet email and allows you to add your details to our printed Church Directory.  Our formal GDPR policy can be viewed here.

Please fill in only the details that you want us to know and are happy for us to store in our database – other boxes can be left empty.  Please use this form for one person at a time and only for those aged 18 or over:

Personal Details

Known as:
Date of Birth:
Names of any children under 18:

Contact Details

Home Telephone:
Email Address:

Email Lists

We have an email list to communicate with church regulars (normally used once a week) and an email list to communicate with anyone interested in our events (normally used once a month):

    Please add me to the church regulars' email list
    Please add me to the What's On email list

Church Directory

What details would you like added to future copies of the Church Directory (made available to church regulars)?

    Please add my name

    Please add my address

    Please add my mobile

    Please add my home telephone

    Please add my email address

    Please add my children's names

Please note that in our church directory we will group together people living at the same postal address.

Photographs and Videos

We sometimes would like to take photos and videos of our church activities to store and then use in our printed and online publicity.

    I give my consent for Christ Church to take, store and use photos and videos of me at church activities: 

Submit Information
Please tick that you have read and agree to our GDPR policy

You can request for your details to be removed at any time by contacting the church office.