Baptisms, Thanksgivings and Confirmations

We are delighted that you are considering taking this step for yourself or for your child. To help you consider this important step one of our ministers would be happy to meet you and talk you through what is involved.  All of these services normally take place within the ordinary Sunday morning services (10am start) with the usual church congregation present as witnesses.


Baptism is about joining God's family and it is for people/families who want to live as Christian believers.  When people get baptised they are declaring that they believe in Christ and are promising to follow him. Because these things are said before God and not to be said lightly, we will want to meet up to look at the Christian faith, explore the meaning of baptism and what it means to be part of a local church.

For children: Baptism is for families where the parents are committed to bringing up their children as Christian believers.  Godparents must be committed Christian believers.  As part of that, while we realise that many children are being born to couples who are not married, we ask that parents are at least engaged before we baptise their baby.  If this is not you, then our Thanksgiving service will be more appropriate.

For adults: Please note that sea baptisms are popular with youth and adults.  These take place after a Sunday morning church service, usually in September, when the sea has warmed up. We meet on the South Beach beyond the Claremont Pier, usually around 12noon.


Many families prefer to have a Thanksgiving Service. This service is an opportunity to publicly thank God for the gift of a child; to ask for His help in bringing them up, and for His protection in the years to come. You do not have to make any declarations or promises to God.  If, in the future, you become Christian believers and want to have your child baptised, then we can baptise your child.


Confirmation services are chance for someone to re-affirm publically what was said at their baptism.

If you want to meet with the vicar or to get more information, including available dates, please Contact Us.

Jonathan Carter, 12/11/2018