Sunday Children and Youth Groups

Alongside our 10am Sunday Services, we have three groups available for children and youth.  There's also a play area at the back of the main building for babies and toddlers.
Climbers Logo

Age: 3–6 years
Climbers happens alongside our Sunday morning service. We learn about Jesus through craft, games, music and Bible stories!  Sometimes Climbers meets together with Explorers.

Explorers Logo
Age: 7–10 years
Explorers meets alongside our morning service to discover more about Jesus in the adventure story of the Bible.  On Thursday evenings, there's Explorers Club - an action-packed evening and where we get to learn about Jesus.

Pathfinders Logo
Age: 11–14 years
Pathfinders meets during the morning service to explore the Bible, often through games, drama and small group discussion.  On Fridays, we join in Friday Night Breakout – chance to escape the week, play crazy games, buy tuck, and learn together about what Jesus has to say about God, who we are and the world we live in.  We have awesome theme evenings and once a year we have an action-filled weekend away!
Jonathan Carter, 08/11/2018