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One Life. What's it all about? Christianity Explored offers a space for exploring, questioning and discovering everything about the real Jesus and what he said about life. It's a series of five evenings designed for people who want to explore the Christian faith for the first time or just want to go back over the basics. Each evening starts with a home cooked meal, followed by a short talk and then chance to discuss.  No prior knowledge is assumed and no question is too basic to ask – you can just listen in if you prefer.  Here's the course outline:

                 1. Jesus — Who was he?
                 2. Jesus — Why did he come?
                 3. Jesus — His death
                 4. Jesus — His resurrection
                 5. What is a Christian?

If you would like to know about the next course, please Contact Us for more information. 

Jonathan Carter, 09/11/2018