Interest Groups 

We have a range of social activities organised within our church family. These are great for meeting people and inviting friends to join in. We have the following groups running:

Group: Blisters Walking Group
Leaders: Trevor Hawkins (01502 564966) and Peter King
Our walking group is called Blisters. The walks are usually on the last Saturday of each month, but see the current programme for more information.

Group: Crafters
Leaders: Pam Hicks (01502 574089) and Christine Chenery (01502 563131)
Crafters is our monthly women's craft evening, including craft of all kinds, needlework and chatting! Crafters meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at 48 Corton Road, but please see the current programme for more information.

Group: Cricket Club
Leader: Peter Williams
Our Cricket club plays over the summer months and also meets for socials.

Group: Bowling Club
Leaders: Sue Goodwin (01502 567996), Pauline Norman (01502 588662) and Trevor Hawkins (01502 564966)
Our bowling club meets Mondays 7pm (except summer time) and Thursdays 2pm in the main church hall for Short Mat Bowls.

Group: Badminton Group
Leader: Eddie Timberlake
Our badminton group meets on Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm at the Waterlane Leisure Centre.