Our Vision 

As a church we are all about Jesus: that’s in our name “Christ Church”! He is our life, our hope and our message. We are convinced that everyone needs Jesus. That's our strap line and it drives everything we do.

But we live in a changing culture where many people are confused about Jesus and don't know why he is such good news. So we want to be a church that connects with today's world and helps people to see why Jesus is relevant today.

Our aim as a church is to help everyone – whether new to church or old hands; whether life is going well or falling apart; whether young or old – to discover from the Bible how we all need Jesus and how he alone can give us a real hope that can transform our lives.

Our vision over the coming years is to grow more and more into a church like that: a Christ-centred church that reaches a new generation. To that end we are focusing our prayers and energy on three priorities for growth:

►Roots Down:

By providing Bible training & discipleship for all, we pray we’d be rooted in Christ

We want to help new Christians to grow, and train children & youth leaders, small group leaders and preachers so all are rooted in Christ and ready to serve him. For this reason, we are encouraging everyone to be part of a Mid-week Group and to make the most of other training events that we're putting on.

►Reach Out:

By sharing the love of Christ, we pray we’d see many in our town find life in Christ

We want to ensure that all our core activities are welcoming and accessible to those who are new to church.  We're especially focused on reaching families, so we are building up a range of activities to help families explore faith in Jesus.

►Raise Up:

By investing in children & youth, we pray we’d raise up a younger generation for Christ

We want to invest in children, youth, and young adults, so we’ve set up a Children’s & Youth Action Team to develop and join up our activities. We're also investing in our Super Sundays and trying to make our services more accessible to families with young children. For young adults, we have our Connect mid-week group and our contemporary service (The Gathering) on Sunday evenings.

We Are All Partners In Our Vision

partnershipWe encourage everyone who belongs to Christ Church to get behind our vision by praying, serving and giving. If you'd like to know more about how to get involved in those ways, then please do Contact Us and we'd love to chat with you. There's more information about giving to the work on our Giving page.