Here at Christ Church we’ve been dreaming big dreams about our future and we’re inviting former church members and friends of the church to be part of it!  We would love to let you know more about our dreams and to invite you to support us in prayer and giving.

As part of our plans, we are looking to employ a Sports & Youth Worker alongside our Families Worker.  To make it easy to support this project financially, we have set up a Ministry Workers Fund and made it easy to give online – click below to set it up in just a few minutes:

Give Online

We need a boost of £20,000 per year to make employing both workers possible.  This amount could be met if:

10 supporters gave £20 per month (Gift Aided)
and 5 supporters gave £40 per month (Gift Aided)
and 5 supporters gave £100 per month (Gift Aided)
and 2 supporters gave £200 per month (Gift Aided)

How do I become a Supporter?
Whether or not you are able to give financially, we would love to invite you to become a supporter of Christ Church.  Supporters will receive occasional updates including prayer news of what God is doing through our families outreach, information on reunion events, and plans to modernise our buildings to reach a new generation for Christ.  If you would like to become a supporter, then simply enter your details below and then click submit:

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